Franklin Planner – Worth the Money?

Franklin Planner with Vinyl Binder
Franklin Planner with Vinyl Binder

Successful people are often Franklin Planner users, they are men and women who organize their time and life better than others do.

How is the Franklin Planner different?

Ordinary day planners come either stapled or in a spiral-bound version with a plastic cover. The user can enter appointments and events but depending on type and size, only a single column or row is available per day.

Only larger formats offer the whole page for each day. In most cases, there is also a section to store addresses and sometimes a few blank pages for notes.

Unfortunately, special pages for efficient management of goals, projects and tasks are missing. These kinds of planners are budget friendly, but their usefulness for real time management is limited.

Franklin Planner: A proven system

Now let’s take a look at a more sophisticated system.

Because of their popularity I chose Franklin Planner for comparison. First thing, you will notice that Franklin Covey uses ring binders to hold a set of loose-leaf forms.

There is a wide selection of binders available in either low-cost vinyl or fine leather, but more importantly, you can choose from various sizes that fit all needs.

Customize to fit your needs

The loose-leaf system has a huge advantage: It is highly customizable. To start your planning efforts right from the very beginning, every Franklin Planner package includes a user manual.

This is a handy systematic instruction guide that will take you through setting up your time management from scratch, showing you how to stay focused and set the right priorities. A set of special planning forms support that process and provides a solid base for setting and realizing your goals.

By now, you can probably see why successfully organizing time and life is not only easier with a professional planning tool. You simply cannot do it properly by using just a plain calendar.

Franklin Planner – Conclusion

This article provides insight into some of the differences between a regular day planner and a Franklin Planner.

Available time is one of your most precious assets, but time is limited and unlike other valuables, it is not replicable.

Being aware of that fact enables you to be more time conscious and motivates you to improve your time management. A proven system such as the Franklin Planner can surely help control your time, serve as your mobile office, database or written memory. Franklin Planner also helps to facilitate organizing your life and realizing personal and professional goals.

Click this link to browse for your very own Franklin Planner.

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About the author

Erik Wolf is owner and admin of this website. He writes about time management, productivity. Product reviews will help you getting organized with Franklin Covey and other organizational products.

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One Response to “Franklin Planner – Worth the Money?”

  1. AKShirota says:

    I am glad to run into this website. I have been using Franklin since 2008, and have used different types of their products-Two pages a day, One page a day, Weekly, Classic, Compact. I was using Cornerstone before, but am currently using the compact version of 7 habits.

    I was pretty happy with 7 Habits at first for it looks much more stylish than the original, and has three different task list categories to help me keep organized. However, I am going to stop using 7 Habits for the following reasons.

    1) Index on the back of monthly calendar is too small. I understand that there is a longer one in the back of the 1st day of the month. However, it will be hard to find once you archive that month. It’d be helpful and more effective to be able to see the contents of the monthly index all in the back of the monthly calendar at the same time you reflect the events for that month.

    2) In the Original version, this index is located on the back of the left hand of the monthly calendar. It is very ideal for the reason given on my answer 1.

    3) The square image on the bottom right corner of the note page some time gets in the way.

    4) The title 7 Habits on top of each page is in white font color; whereas each date is written in black font color with a different color background. Consequently, the letter “7” stands out more than the actual date. Additionally, the dates written in black font color with different colored background can be problematic to those color blind users.

    In spite of my reviews on 7 Habits above, I still think this product is very stylish compared to the Original. I hate to say it, but the Original version looks way too utilitarian for me. However, its layout is much more considerate to those who wants to keep track of info even after archiving the daily pages.

    I recently went to Franklin Covey’s Japanese website. They have many more products–especially binders–but also the slick refill. I wonder why US base Franklin Covey appears to consolidate their list of products. Just a thought…

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